Levent Cavas,MSc.

AddressE-mail and phone
Levent Cavas,MSc.
University of Dokuz Eylul, Faculty of Science and Art
Department of Chemistry-Biochemistry
Tinaztepe Campus-IZMIR
Work: +90 232 4535072 (2138)
Home: +90 232 2443894
Fax: +90 232 4534188
Biochemical Properties of Turkish Amphibians. (Antioxidant Status of Amphibians)
I am highly interested in physiological properties of amphibians. If you interested in these topics, don't hesitate to contact with me (lcavas@deu.edu.tr or lcavas@hotmail.com) please visit my home site: http://people.deu.edu.tr/lcavas

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