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Peter Beerli
School of Computational Science
Florida State University
Tallahassee FL, USA
Office: USA-850 645 1324
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Fax: USA-850 645 0094
My current focus is more theoretical than field work based: Maximum likelihood analysis of population parameters using coalescence theory with Monte Carlo importance sampling. I went into this because I wanted to analyze my allozyme dataset (31 loci of 9 waterfrog species) I gathered in Greece and Turkey (e.g. look at the Rana pages in the Tree of Life). There was no sound analysis of gene flow between several populations, for those of you who think FST-based approaches will do it should read the fine print in papers like Hudson et al. (Genetics 132: 583-589), in addition I am interested in population sizes. So, I did it myself (MIGRATE). I am working now on extensions of this program and also I am reanalyzing old data, as you can guess. If you have any questions concerning my research, please ask.

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