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New Literature (needs updates)

Pagano, Alain, and Pierre Joly (1998) Limits of the morphometric method for taxonomic field identification of water frogs. Alytes 16:3-4.

Abstract: Taxonomic identification of the water frogs has evolved since hybridogenesis has been revealed within the Rana esculenta complex. Although the study of protein polymorphism has proved robust in taxonomic information, morphometric measurements are currently used despite of some limits. By comparing results obtained with these two techniques, this study shows that morphometry is does not always provide a decisive taxonomic information for field identification. In the three populations studied, in the mid-Rhone floodplain, the morphs of Rana ridibunda and the hybrid R. kl. esculenta greatly overlap in morphometrical characters.

Plenet, S. and P. Joly, and A. Pagano (1998) Is habitat requirement by an oxygen-dependent frog (Rana ridibunda) governed by its larval stage? Arch. Hydrobiol. (1998) 143/1: 107-119.

Abstract: According to the literature and to our own experience, R. ridibunda is absent from ponds with occasionally low oxygen concentrations. We tested the effects of stochastically fluctuating oxygen concentration on tadpole survival and growth under laboratory conditions. Two experimental treatments (constant and fluctuating oxygen regimes) were arranged in a factorial design with three populations of R. ridibunda.
Stochastic oxygen fluctuation with drops from normoxia to hypoxia did not clearly influence long-term survival (which remained high in all blocks) or growth and development. Only in one population did survival differ between oxygen treatments, and survival was greater under the fluctuating than under the stable oxygen conditions. One population differed from the others in exhibiting slight variations in morphology between treatments. But in no case did these laboratory experiments provide evidence that oxygen regime can affect development of R. ridibunda tadpoles and explain oxygen-dependent habitat use by this species.

Water frog bibliography

Hansjürg Hotz is providing his water frog bibliography, he is managing his bibliography with Endnote on a Mac, and we will upload files for Macintosh, Windows, and UNIX machines of a file-format which are readable with any ASCII capable editor, but these files use special characters for the specified systems, the UNIX archive is using a standard ISO8859-1 characterset. The files are in a format named REFER which can be read almost by all bibliography programs (we are using Endnote's extension of the REFER format). If you encounter problems in downloading the bibliography or have special need for conversion to more exotic formats send email to Peter Beerli. If you have additional citations, preferrably in the same format, please donate them back to Hansjürg Hotz by email, so that we can keep all of us up to date.
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Buckley, D., B. Arano, P. Herrero, and G. Llorente. 1996. Population structure of Moroccan water frogs: genetic cohesion despite a fragmented distribution. Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research 34:173-179. [Abstract]

Kovács, T. and J. Török. 1995. Dietary responses by Edible Frog (Rana esculenta complex) to wetland habitat change in Hungary. Proceedings of Workshop 2 of the International Conference on Wetlands and Development, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 9-13 October 1995, 79-86. [Abstract]

Schmidt, B. R. 1996. Sexual and asexual reproduction in vertebrates. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 11: 253-254. [Abstract]

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