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Rana bedriagae Camerano 1882

Peter Beerli*

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A member of the water frog group with green to brown backs, this taxon is very similar to Rana ridibunda. They are distinct mostly in frequency differences of electrophoretic alleles (e.g a-GDH:b (a slow allele) is predominant compared to the a (a fast allele) Rana ridibunda) and voice parameters.


The distribution of this species is not well known, in the west it occupies whole Anatolia, probably parts of Thracia (Greece), the frogs from El-Fayum (near Cairo) belongs to this taxon, but their extension to the South and East are unknown.


The following recordings a short sequences of longer recordings. These files are size reduced (MULAW 8-bit encoded) from 16-bit encoded sound files. [A single call , Several calls ]


Valid name: Rana (Pelophylax) bedriagae Camerano 1882

Synonyms: Rana esculenta var. bedriagae Camerano 1882, Rana ridibunda caralitana Arikan 1988, Rana levantina Schneider, Sinsch, and Nevo 1993.


Beerli, P. 1994. Genetic isolation and calibration of an average protein clock in 
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Title Illustration

Rana bedriagae from the Center of Anatolia [locality Beyshehir].

Photographs copyright 1995, Peter Beerli.

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The map is a transverse Mercator projection and was created with GMT 3.0 ( Wessel and Smith, 1995) and postprocessed in Virtuoso on a NeXT, and then co nverted from eps to gif.
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